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This is the full Rift soundtrack I got with the Collector's Edition. All tracks credited to Inon Zur. I wanted to share this since I got it and thought of doing a torrent file of them all but thought this would be easier and more legal way of sharing. Enjoy the music smiley.

Title Theme
Game Intro
Guardian Theme (Sanctum)
Defiant Theme (Meridian)
Scralet Gorge
Scarwood Reach
Moonshade Highlands
Iron Pike Peak


Well not probably anything deep, just talking about drama and how it has ruined a lot of fun I have had in both games.

With Second Life, oddly enough success is part of the problem. Lost Angels started on the Satellite sim and was limited to 40 people. If you weren't one of them you stood at the border waiting for someone to leave or crash to get in. Because of that drama and fighting was controlled a bit.

Now LA is on its own sim, with several other sims bordering that can be easily crossed. thus when people have issues it can easily blow out of control.

With Argent Dawn, Mainly my portion here is talking about regretting letting others control where I play.

I was a member of the Alliance guild the Agency, controlled by Davnika. It was a good guild if somewhat notorious. I liked the people and wish now I wouldn't have stopped playing. By the time I gave up caring the guild had changed a lot. I don't even know if it still exists.

On the horde side My character Sylvestria met a lady named Zahrah and I enjoyed being with her. She showed me a couple places in the game I sill think of as special, one being the zone next to Tristfall Glades where the Tower is. I have tried writing to her to apologize for leaving but I never expect to hear back.

If I could go back in time I would in the case of argent Dawn. La is doomed due to its success and nothing will change that. I will be around as long as it will be.


I am so sick of this. I heard on the podcast Greetings from Nowhere that a podcast one of the hosts liked is up for a podcast award. Hey good for them. I even got invited to a group about voting for them which I thought the lady created. So I voted once out of respect to a friend.

Then the spam started. Every day I got a reminder to vote. I just ignored most of them since I didn't care as I'd never listened.

Then I got one today, the title? "Dear Friends, I'm Dying". I blinked and clicked it to find the rest of the sentence, "To win the Podcast Awards."

OK Joey that did it. I don't care what your thought process, if you had one, for that was but that pissed me off. That is spam on the level of penis enlargement or breast enhancement. It was a title for shock value to pull the reader into the message. I have done internet marketing so I know that trick well, though I never resorted to that.

I don't honestly care if Cocktails and Cream Puffs wins or comes in dead last, And now thanks to that I don't care if I ever hear of them again.


Sorry for the break, I've had trouble being sick a lot lately, usually with a bad cough so doing this was rather difficult.

Today I talk about the WoW event the Shattering and its affect on the alliance Capital Stormwind. The effect being, the Park got morphed into a barracks and destroyed, A queen I didn't even know was there to begin with died, and everyone else went back to work like nothing happened.

All of the NPC's are still there, all saying the same thing. I know after a while you have to move on but aside from a cemetery which honestly could house every NPC in it, nothing much has changed but the design of the city itself.

It took completely destroying a town (Auberdine) to even get any of the NPC's there to change what shows up when you talk to them.

Back to Stormwind, we were told time would have passed, if so why have none of the NPC's aged? The two sets of boys who fish are still as they were. Old Emma is still just as she was. the only thing that changed is a couple kids changed places. Where it was a boy who was being chased by a girl over a doll, now it is the boy chasing her over a toy gorilla.

Come on Blizzard, is that what you call change?

Rendal's Thoughts will be replacing Rendal's Ravings. there will be not set time for these, they will be done as the mood hits. Linda McMahon Comments on Lance Cade’s Passing OK the first topic of Rendal's thoughts will be manners. Apparently either this or common sense is something lacking in Linda McMahon. Now I'm not knocking her for not immediately remembering a wrestler, even if they were a tag champion for some time, when someone puts her on the spot. Now what gets me are the following lines, which I doubt sounded any better at the time than it does now. Linda said WWE can no more be held accountable for deaths of talents “than a studio could have prevented Heath Ledger’s death.” “Who knows what causes people to have addictions and do what they do?” Apparently Linda wasn't listening when her mom gave her a very good bit of advice so I'll refresh her memory with two words for her, Shut Up. One of the golden rules is if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Now while this rule is rarely followed there are times, like when talking about someone recently deceased that common courtesy tends to say err on the side of caution. Now how can Linda avoid a snafu like this again? Well that is quite easy. Assign one of her team to monitor the web, Like Lords of Pain for news of deaths in the industry. If someone who worked for the WWE/WWF dies then have them get a couple of photos along with a brief synopsis of what they accomplished in their time in the company. It would also be good to do this for well known people who may not have wrestled for them just so they can be up on the news. This way when someone asks her the question again she will at least have some facts to use in her answer. No charge.
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